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Food Processing Company 'MAZOWSZE' Sp. J. was set up in 1989 as a family business. It is located in central Poland in Mazovia in an ecological region; it is the largest company in the commune of Iłów, employing from 50 to 100 persons depending on the season. We buy raw materials for our products from local gardeners and fruit-growers, specialised in their fields.
Our company attaches utmost importance to the quality and beauty of our products and in effect they are popular throughout Poland as well as abroad, e.g. in the USA, in Denmark, Germany where our products are exported.
This is confirmed by the fact that our company was listed in the GOLDEN FOOF BOOK in Poland in 2000 and was one of the winners of the 5th POSITIVIST INITIATIVE - POLISH FOOD PRODUCER 2001 in recognition of our achievements and market position.
Our immediate plans cover modernisation of the machinery as well as expansion of the range of our products.At present we are in the process of implementing the HACCP system concerning hygiene of production which will make us compatible with the EU standards.

96-520, Iłów, ul. Żabia 6
tel. 0048 24 277 - 40 - 39
tel. 0048 24 277 - 46 - 20
kom. 691-700-250